Stay safe while gardening this spring

Bryan Aldrige

February 7, 2012

Stay safe while gardening this springIt might be a bit early to start thinking about getting out in the garden, however spring is right around the corner. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently gave seniors advice for staying safe while enjoying some time outdoors.

According to the CDC, dressing appropriately is key to being outside. People should wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid being exposed to chemicals or insects such as ticks. However, seniors are more prone to falling, so clothing should be snug to the body to avoid becoming tripping hazards. Wearing sunscreen is also a must and a hat might be even better.

Being in the sun for prolonged periods can get hot, so it's important that elderly gardeners know their limits. The CDC suggests bringing along plenty of water and trying to rest in the shade if feelings of dizziness arise.

Taking a long a cane, walker or a walking stick might also be useful when moving around the yard as holes, divots or even sticks or stones disguised in the grass can cause a fall. Those living alone who love gardening might also want to invest in a medical alert system. These wearable devices allow elders to call for help in an emergency whether indoors or outside.

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