Stay Hydrated with Clean Bottle This Summer

Carli De La Cruz

April 10, 2015

If you’re a customer of ours or are researching this company, you may know that we’re big on giving back. We’ve been giving away socks for seniors over the past few months, and as we make the transition to warmer weather we want to give our customers another gift that makes a difference: clean water bottles.

We’re excited to be partnering with Clean Bottle, a water bottle company that was featured on the NBC hit show Shark Tank, for the next 6 months to help spread awareness about Senior Dehydration. Read on to learn about Clean Bottle and how to stay hydrated this summer.

What Makes Clean Bottle Different From Other Water Bottles

Check out our Bay Alarm Medical Monday interview with Clean Bottle Brand Ambassador, John Cheetham here:

    • We love their sleek, visually-appealing square design. They have an undeniable coolness factor.
    • Their bottles were designed to be easy to clean with a removable top and bottom for bacteria/mold resistance. They are also dishwasher safe.
    • The new square design on their bottles makes it so that they don’t roll away when dropped, which is great for seniors and those with mobility issues.
    • They even have a fast flow filter you can purchase separately for your bottle to filter out chemicals like chlorine and whatever else might get into your water.
    • Each bottle has an ergonomic handle for easy transport.


What You Need To Know About Senior Dehydration

    • A study conducted in long-term care facility found that 31 percent of the residents were dehydrated. A similar study revealed that 48% of aging adults that were brought into the hospital after receiving emergency treatment showed signs of dehydration in their lab results.
    • Your ability to notice body temperature changes decreases with age.
    • Dehydration isn’t just caused by not drinking enough water, it can also be caused by other factors like certain prescribed medication (like diuretics), diarrhea, sweating a lot, or loss of blood.
    • As with other senses, your sense of thirst declines with age. Since older adults may not be as aware of thirst, it’s easier for them to not drink as much water and quickly become dehydrated.
    • The human body loses water as we get older. After age 60, our total fluid to body weight proportion goes drops since we naturally lose muscle mass and gain fat cells as we age. In addition to that, older people’s kidneys lose some of their ability to concentrate urine so seniors tend to lose more water than young people.
    • An estimated $1.14 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on avoidable costs of hospitalizations caused by dehydration.


Signs of Dehydration to Look Out For

    • Signs of mild dehydration to look out for: dry mouth, struggle to urinate or only can produce a small amount of urine, arm and leg cramps, inability to produce tears when crying, headache, feeling of general weakness, restlessness or easily irritated.
    • Signs of serious dehydration: low blood pressure, seizure, severe muscle cramps, bloated, dry and sunken eyes without ability to produce tears, no skin elasticity (when you pull it, it doesn’t stretch back), quickened breathing.
    • Skin turgor, or your skin’s elasticity, is an indicator used by health professionals to determine if fluid loss or dehydration is present in patients. You can do the skin turgor test on yourself or a loved one at home to check for dehydration by pinching the skin on the back of the hand. Mild dehydration will make the skin slightly more delayed in returning to it’s normal flattened state. If it’s severe, you’ll want to get yourself or your loved one to the doctor’s office quickly.

Simple Ways To Stay Hydrated

    • If you find water too bland, try drinking iced tea or infused water.
    • Monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake since these are both diuretics that can dehydrate you.
    • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, just get in the habit of drinking water throughout the day.
    • If you find yourself feeling faint, grab a sports drink since it will replenish your body’s supply of electrolytes and give you the hydration you need. Then lie down or sit down to reduce your chance of fainting.

Find out more about John at And once again, be sure to get your free Clean Bottle with your Quarterly Subscription while supplies last!

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