Specialists visit senior homes to help prevent falls

Bryan Aldrige

December 6, 2010

To celebrate national fall prevention week, The Nurse Next Door, an organization in British Columbia, inspected the residences of senior citizens in order to fix falling hazards and create an age-friendly environment, according to The Comox Valley Record.

Staff conducted complete home assessments for free.

"Our goal is to offer this free program to 100 seniors in our community and help ensure that none of these individuals end up in the hospital this winter due to a preventable fall," Peter Coulter, founder of the organization, told the news provider.

Approximately 85 percent of injuries in Canadian seniors are caused by falls and 90 percent of hip fractures are a result of these incidents. One in five older adults who suffer from these injuries are unable to recover.

Some of the most common causes of falls are poor shoes, area rugs, poor lighting or pet toys.

While it is wise for seniors to do everything they can to prevent falls, it can also be beneficial to have a medical alert system in a residence in the case of an emergency. These devices can allow users to immediately send a medical alert to doctors if they require assistance.