Social networking site for Baby Boomers encourages active lifestyles

Bryan Aldrige

August 1, 2011

Baby Boomers are rapidly gaining interest in a new site aimed specifically at their demographic. In the past month, has seen its membership more than triple. The website provides adults who are done raising their kids with an outlet for sharing their interests, activities, photos and videos with one another to encourage active and productive lifestyles.

"The rapid growth since our launch earlier this year confirms the interest in a social website for Baby Boomers and seniors," creator Ronald Mercier. "The interest goes far beyond just socializing, it also confirms members are seeking interest groups and activities targeted for their age group."

The site has an Activity Marketplace that offers discounts for services, products and activities, such as skiing and book clubs, which encourage Baby Boomers to get out and explore the world. Older adults who have limited mobility, but still want to spend time out of their homes and stay active may want to consider purchasing senior alert systems, which will ensure that help is within reach should they fall or otherwise be injured while they are making the most of their retirement.