Social games may help home-bound seniors


March 4, 2011

Many older adults want to live at home as they age, and technology may be an integral part of this experience.

Video gaming is proving to be one of the newest among those who are isolated during retirement. Statistics from Popcap Games has found that 20 percent of social gamers are 60 and older and the average age of a social gamer is 48, according to

Developers are taking note of this new demographic as well, especially because baby boomers are creating an unprecedented demand for new social games that are played on the web. These opportunities can not only help keep older adults entertained, they also become social experiences.

Seniors who are living independently may also want to help ensure their safety with a personal emergency response system. This device can be used to send an instant medical alert to doctors if one needs assistance.

"I'm in a wheelchair and pretty much homebound," Gail Davis, 55, told the news source. “Before I came across Winster on the Internet, I didn't have too many opportunities to interact with real people. The site has been a lifesaver for me, so many friends and so much fun!"