Should you bring mom or dad on vacation?

Lisa Wurth

September 15, 2011

Taking a vacation is something that many Americans look forward to. However, for those who act as family caregivers, taking a break can seem daunting, The New York Times reports.

Some may try to divide their responsibilities with siblings or family friends. However, others might try to bring their parents with them for the journey – depending on the senior's condition and mobility.

According to the news outlet, planning to take a trip with someone who may have such pains as arthritis or who suffers from dementia comes with a unique set of issues.

Make sure to pack sufficient medications and get specific instructions from their doctor before leaving, as well as his or her contact information.

"I can't tell you how many calls I get," Dr. Resnick told the news outelt. "'I forgot this med, I lost this med, I don't have enough of this med, I'm staying longer.' So it's bringing not just that week's supply, but bringing extras."

Consult with the hotel at the destination to make sure hospitals are in the area for extra precaution.

For those who would feel better leaving mom or dad at home, installing a medical alert system may further ease any worries one might have about not being around for a few days.