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Bay Alarm Medical

July 24, 2017

“I’ve got that Bay Alarm Medical System set up for my father and I think it’ll provide some peace of mind for my father and myself.”

Video Transcript

Parris: Hi, I’m Parris and I’m headed up from Austin for my summer trip to visit family in Seattle. A company called Bay Alarm Medical contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in installing a personal alarm system for my father while I’m up there. This is the kind of system where you wear a little button on a wristband or you have one around your neck and if you press it, it makes an immediate call to an emergency center. There’s someone whose voice comes right back at you. You can tell them what’s going on. I thought, it sounded like a good idea being about 2,000 miles from my father. I called him and asked him, “What do you think about this?” and he said, “Well, if it makes you feel better, okay.”

Now, Bay Alarm Medical also included the mobile version of their system. It’s a little piece that you leave on the charger in your house, but when you go out, you bring it with you and should something happen while you’re out, it’s on the cellphone network and all you have to do, again, is just press a button, a voice will come on and get you the help you need. Thanks to Bay Alarm medical for sending these out to help me feel better and for sponsoring this video.


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Parris: In a previous life, I had my own computer service and repair business and I actually installed a couple of these systems for people. I think, I’m pretty familiar with it. The instructions are pretty clear and you can find more help on their website. To find out more about Bay Alarm Medical and their plan options, check out the link down below this video. Included in the box is a Vial of Life kit. This is a really good idea. I remember seeing this on some of my customer’s refrigerators where you have your medical information in an easy place for any emergency personnel to find. They know to look for it there. It’s pretty clear what this button is for.

I think, this is what I’ve read about that you place close to the ground, so that if you do fall, but you can, at least, scooch yourself over some, you can reach and press this to get help. They include a combination lockbox. This, I guess, is the kind like realtors use. You hang it on the door handle or somewhere near your door and with the combination, someone can open it. Inside of this is the key to your door. Then, the wearable emergency assistant buttons. This one is for the wrist. This one is necklace. I believe both of these are waterproof and you’re supposed to wear them at all times. When you press the button, this actually talks to this box.

This is going to be plugged into your home phone line whether you still have an actual landline or whether you have home phone service through your cable or internet provide. So long as you got that regular phone plug-type connection, this is going to plug into that and this is what will contact the help center. They’ll make a connection and you will be able to hear their voice through the speaker in this and they’ll be able to hear you talking to them. As you can see, there’s a built-in help button right on this, so if you’re not able to actually dial numbers on the phone, you can always just press help.

The mobile GPS help button is really cool. It’s like the world’s smallest cellphone, but you can’t punch any numbers in it. You have to have it all set up. So long as you have it charged up and you take it with you and you’re where there is cellphone signal, by pressing a button, you can have numbers called or you can talk directly to the help center. I’m trying to keep things organized in their boxes because I’ve got to go put these in the suitcases now, so we can leave 98 degree Austin for 78 degree Seattle. Let’s go.

To start with, I’ve got the main piece out of the box. It’s got a jack for the phone to plug directly into the wall. If you currently have a phone plugged in there, you plug that in so it’s secondary. It’s got the transformer. I’m going to take this and put it into this plug over here and then, this plug will go into the back of this to send a signal through. The transformer plug directly into the wall.

[machine beeping]

Machine : System ready.

Parris: Well, that sounds good. Next step, to test it up. Going to press the help button and tell the person who answers we’re just testing.

Machine : Calling for help. Calling for help.

[machine beeping].

Machine: Call connected, please wait.

[dial tone]

Audrey: This is Audrey with Bay Alarm Medical. Do you need help?

Parris: No, I’m actually testing out a new system that I’m installing.

Audrey: You were just testing?

Parris: Yes.

Audrey: Very well. It’s been a pleasure. If you ever need help, please press your button. Thank you for choosing Bay Alarm Medical. I’ll disconnect now. Have a good day.

Parris: Thank you.

Machine : System ready.

Parris: I don’t have to do anything to hang up. They basically disconnect on their end and it’s ready now, if I need to press it again. Now, it’s time to test out those little buttons. Going to test out the wrist bracelet. I’m over here by the balcony. This is one corner of the apartment here. We should hear the tone when I press this.

Machine : Calling for help.

Parris: Okay, cancel it please.

Machine : System ready.

Parris: Okay, we’ve reset that. Let’s go to the other corner of the house. I’m in the other corner of the apartment and I’ve got the other button. This is the one that can be worn around the neck. Let’s see.

Machine : Calling for help.

Parris: If you cancel that, please.

Machine : System ready.

Parris: Sounds like we’re good to go with these. We have the button for if you’ve fallen on the ground, you don’t have your bracelet or necklace with you. This button, if you can scooch over to it and press it, it will work as well. It’s got some tape and Velcro on the back. I’m going to put it here, between the kitchen and the bathroom. Down at a height where if someone were to fall, they could reach it. Right here. Let’s test it out.

Machine : Calling for help. Calling for help.

Parris: If you cancel that, please.

Machine : System ready.

Parris: Good. We’re ready to go. Bay Alarm Medical also includes this lockbox for a key. Put the key to your door inside. You can put it on the door handle or some other place nearby that it can connect to. Of course, set the combination and that way, if someone needs access to the home, they can be told the combination by the company, by yourself. They can dial it in, get the key. They don’t have to break down the door. Now, we’ve got the mobile GPS help button charged up. Take it off the charger. This should be good for two days, once it’s fully charged.

[device ringing]

Parris: There we go.

[device beeping]

Operator: This is Henry with Bay Alarm Medical, do you need help?

Parris: No, I am testing out a new device.

Operator: Okay, so, you’re just testing, is that right?

Parris: Yes, this is the mobile help button. I’m just testing it to make sure it works.

Operator: Okay, thank you, sir. All right, thank you very much.

Parris: Okay thanks, bye. Dad, you have your choice. You’ve got the neck unit you can use, simple as pushing a button or the wrist band. We’ve tested these out and they should activate the main device anywhere here in your apartment. Now, when you go out, there’s a mobile device you can take with you. This can clip on your belt or put it wherever you like in your pocket. This works on the cellphone network. So long as you have– This has a cellphone signal. When you press this button, it’ll send the signal out to the company, to Bay Alarm medical. They will answer through the speaker here and you can talk to them right through this device and they can offer you whatever help you need.

I’m heading back to Austin. I’ve got that Bay Alarm Medical System set up for my father. I think, it will provide some peace of mind for myself and for him. You can find out more about it at the link down below this video. I’ll be back soon with more reviews. You can keep checking back for those or you can click that subscribe button and the bell next to it. You’ll get notified when my videos go up. See you on the next review.


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