Seniors draft petition to congress for Medicaid funding


August 18, 2010

A group of seniors in Indiana have written a petition to Congress stating their community’s need for additional Medicaid funding in the coming months and years, according to

The document was 10 feet long, and was meant to make members of Congress aware of the pressing needs of senior citizens as the government allocates Medicaid budgets through June 2011.

Both the residents and staff at one assisted living facility, Regency Place, seemed take relief at the action. Director David Johnston claimed that 80 percent of the residents wouldn’t be able to afford the care without Medicaid.

“There is no possible way for the average middle class individual to save enough money to maintain being in a nursing home for ten or fifteen years,” resident Joan Swanson told the news provider.

The petition was sent to both Congress and President Obama.

Rising healthcare costs have made it difficult for seniors to receive the care that they need and the supervision that they may require. One alternative to nursing homes is to use a senior alert system, which allows users to instantly contact doctors, family or other medical professionals in case of an emergency.