Seniors can see benefits from dancing


January 19, 2012

Dancing can be beneficial for seniorsSeniors from the Petaluma Senior Center in California, are getting on their feet and dancing away during a weekly line dancing class. Not only does this offer a fun and exciting activity, but it is also good for their health, according to The Press Democrat.

"Line dancing is great for seniors as it helps your memory when have to learn what the dance steps are," instructor Barbara Arhon told the news source. "It's excellent exercise. It keeps your body limber and it's a way to connect to people and make friends."

Seniors in the group range from 51 to 87, and all have various health histories. One thing they have in common is enjoying their weekly class, the media outlet reports.

Keeping the body in good shape is important for seniors, especially because as they get older the risk of falling increasing. By maintaining their health, the seniors can reduce that risk of falling. Caregivers who are worried about their elderly loved one falling may want to invest in a medical alert, which allows the senior to contact help if they were to fall.

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