Seniors can get exercise by puttering around on the golf course

Seniors can get exercise by puttering around on the golf course

July 24, 2011

Golf is often associated with older adults, perhaps due to the relaxed nature of the sport. The word “senior” carries a different connotation when linked to the game – the age to take part in senior tours and use senior equipment in golf is only 50 years old, according to Canada’s Leader Post[1].

The sport is a great way to stay active, social and independent. Golf is one of the only sports that offer plenty of options for senior participation, and any amount of exercise can increase an older adult’s mobility, which can reduce the risk of injuries. While on the course, a medical alert system can come in handy if an individual is hurt. Personal medical alert systems can allow seniors to spend less time worrying about their safety and more time enjoying their golden years.

As people age, their risk of falls and injuries increases. A 75-year-old individual is roughly four to five times more likely to fall as a 65-year-old, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One of the best ways to lower the risk is to get regular exercise, which can be anything from taking a walk, to Tai Chi, to a round of golf.

[1]Link is no longer active.

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