Seniors at risk for falls may be protected by medical alert

Jasmine Phu

February 9, 2011

Catherine Rauch, writing for The Walnut Creek Patch, recently told the story of a man in his 80s who has arthritis that severely restricts his mobility. While he is at a significant risk for falls, he often refuses to use his walker or cane because it embarrasses him to use walking aids.

However, falls among older adults are a serious matter. If seniors don't like to use mobility aids around their home, they should consider investing in a medical alert. This device can be used anywhere in the house to instantly send a personal emergency response message if one requires assistance.

There are some preemptive measures that an independent older adult can take as well. The news source suggests getting regular fall screenings by a doctor. Health conditions such as eye cataracts and low blood pressure, which can cause dizziness, should be treated as well.

Furthermore, seniors should try to make their homes safer. Installing a grab rail by the stairs and in the bathroom can decrease the chance of a fall. Regular exercise can also lead to better balance and flexibility, which should help prevent an incident.