Senior woman trapped outside after falling in backyard

Lisa Wurth

November 23, 2011

Stay safe while gardening this springAfter 79-year-old Emma Iverson fell while in her backyard in late September, she feared no one would hear her cries for help, KWTX reports.

According to Iverson, she had been doing some light chores outside of her home in Granite Falls, Minnesota, when she slipped and fell, and was unable to get up.

During the more than 20-hour ordeal, Iverson said her faithful dog Crackers stayed by her side and even helped to keep her safe. The news outlet reports that the dog chased away raccoons, coyotes and other wildlife that came near her.

After a while, the elderly woman lost consciousness and she remained on the ground outside her home until 12:45 p.m. on the dot – the time her trusty mailman comes each day.

Postman Stan Boushek spotted Iverson in her backyard from the end of her driveway, the source reports. He rushed to her side and called 9-1-1. Iverson was taken to a nearby hospital where she remained for nine days, though she has since made a full recovery.

Senior falls are a real concern and a growing problem in the 65 and older age bracket. This issue can be even more of a threat for elderly adults who live alone. In these cases, seniors may want to install a medical alert system into their homes, as these wearable devices give them 24-hour access to emergency help should they need it.