Senior woman left for hours after falling out of second story window

Lisa Wurth

November 8, 2011

Study finds lifelong brain game players less likely to develop Alzheimer's A 69-year-old Port Richmond, Pennsylvania, resident was left for hours in her backyard after falling from a second story window of her home, Port Richmond’s ABC affiliate station Action News 6 reports.

It is not yet clear as to what caused the fall. However Philadelphia police have learned that the women was left for several hours before being found at 3:00 a.m., after neighbors heard a dog barking and called police to get it to stop.

During the investigation, officers heard the woman crying out for help. The news outlet reports that at first, the police and medics were unable to reach the woman because of a locked fence that blocked access to the property.

The fire department was then brought in and they were able to to cut a hole through the fence, which allowed them to reach the woman and free her.

The victim was taken to Temple University Hospital and is in stable condition. She sustained a broken leg and several lacerations on her face, legs and arms from the fall.

Falling is a real concern for seniors, especially those living alone as many times people can fall and there is no one around to help them get up, or get to help. To ease the fear, seniors may want to install a medical alert system as this wearable device allows seniors to call for assistance by simply pushing a button.

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