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October 19, 2011

Senior GPSProviding care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be hard as those afflicted with the cognitive disorders tend to forget to take their medicine, stay on top of their hygiene or remember to stay at home until someone arrives. All of these issues can cause stress for a caregiver, however a new product is aiming at finding seniors quickly should they wander off, The New York Times reports.

Andrew Carle, a former rehab hospital director, has come out with a line of sneakers with GPS tracking technology. This way if a senior does wander off, they can be easily found as long as they’re wearing their shoes.

Carle believes this method may work better than traditional GPS items such as ones that clip on to clothing or that are carried in pockets as these can be lost or removed. However, most people wouldn’t take off their shoes before going outside.

“Paranoia is a manifestation of the disease. So search and rescue is hard to do,” Carle told the publication. “Even when wanderers are found, by the police or friendly strangers, they may be unable to supply their names or addresses.”

Although GPS shoes may help caregivers find a lost loved one, they won’t allow a senior to call for help should they fall. To address this real concern, caregivers could install a medical alert system into their home so they can get assistance in an emergency.

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