Senior center encourages activity and friendships


September 12, 2011

Aging in place can mean a senior gets to enjoy the comfort of his or her home into their golden years. However it can also mean that they are prone to spending time alone.

To combat this aspect of aging in place, a senior center in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, has begun weekly health and fitness seminars to give seniors a chance to mingle and learn the best ways to age gracefully, The Sentinel reports.

"Exercise classes help with strengthening, balance and overall good health … Obesity and depression can set in by not moving," Ann Hinkle, the center's director, told the news source. "Everything is to promote healthy living."

Aside from learning what foods help fight-off things like cancer or dementia, group members also get to learn new and exciting ways to exercise – while socializing.

Elders took part in ping pong tournaments, Wii games and even dancing lessons at the center.

"I'm 78 years old, and it's not good to think old," Wilma Fritz told the news outlet. "Living healthy keeps you young. You may ache and be tired, but then you exercise and you always feel better."

While bringing mom or dad to the local center may be a way to ensure they remain healthy, installing a medical alert system may also bring peace of mind and allow a loved one to remain independent without the worry.