Senior alert system may aid households without in-home support

Bryan Aldrige

January 19, 2011

Many families across the country count on caregiving programs to provide them with assistance when caring for a senior. However, due to the desperate need to balance the budget, California governor Jerry Brown has proposed significant cuts to adult care services in the state, according to Redlands Daily Facts.

This could significantly impact seniors who are trying to remain independent and rely on professional caretakers to assist them for part of the day. Additionally, it may shift the burden to families who already contribute a lot of time and resources to helping older adults.

Households that are struggling to care for a senior may want to consider installing a senior alert system in a residence as an alternative. This device allows users to immediately send a medical alert to caregivers or doctors in the case of an emergency.

Lydia Missaelides, the executive director of the California Association for Adult Day Services, opposes the bill because she believes that adult day care services actually save the state money in the long run.

"This is the least expensive medical setting for people to get their health care needs met," she told the news source. "[The proposal] is not making a lot of sense to us."

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