Senior alert system can prevent future falls

Bryan Aldrige

October 18, 2010

The dangers of falls for senior citizens are well-known, as a slip can lead to a broken hip that could, in turn, result in health complications. One of the biggest dangers after a fall is that a senior becomes isolated due to a lack of mobility.

Susan Sandler knows that coming back from a fall can be a difficult journey, but she claims that the key is determination, according to ABC News.

"I stayed motivated by wanting to do my errands for myself, having my own independence and not relying on other people to do things for me," she told the news provider.

As part of New York City's campaign to prevent incidents in the home, the city has promoted awareness of the different ways to avoid falls. Getting vision and balance regularly tested is one preventative step, and it may also be important to review medications and their different side effects, because some can cause dizziness.

Another safety measure that some may want to take is installing a senior alert system in a residence. Older adults who fall in their homes can use this medical alarm to instantly contact caregivers or doctors.