Senior alert system can help those caring for grandkids

Lisa Wurth

October 11, 2010

A growing trend across the country that is acutely reflected in Minnesota is that of grandparents taking care of grandchildren and, many times, becoming the primary caregivers of the family, according to The Herald-Review.

Nationally, there are around 4.5 million children living with their grandparents, with over 71,000 in Minnesota alone.

One couple from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, who the news source has left anonymous, has adapted to their responsibilities by trying to bridge the generational gap.

The grandfather may be unable to play basketball due to his back pain, but he enjoys playing Wii with his granddaughter, instead. The couple is also catching up on the latest hot topics among the younger generations so that they can relate to their granddaughter and stay in the loop.

Making sure that a grandchild is safe can often mean making sure that grandparents are safe as well. A medical alarm can be one way for grandparents to make sure that they have a way to contact doctors in the case of a medical emergency.

A device like this can act as a personal emergency response system, so that, even if an individual is unable to reach the phone, they will be able to receive assistance.