Senior alert system can help parents retain independence


December 17, 2010

It is often difficult to tell when a parent may need extra help around the house for safety reasons and The Post Crescent recently reported that one way to assess a senior's health is just by visiting them.

"The key is to be observant, without being invasive," client care coordinator Pam Hillmann told the news provider. "It doesn't take a detective to know things just aren't right. What you are looking for is change. Observe if there are any changes that can jeopardize your parent's safety."

One should take note how parents look, act and behave. If clothing choices have changed drastically or a parent displays mood swings than normal, it may be time to consider taking additional steps.

Playing a game that everyone enjoys – such as a board game or cards – can also be a way to interact with older adults and gauge their mental health.

If families decide that extra care is required, they should consider installing a senior alert system in a home. This allows parents to age safely and independently, while allowing them to send a medical alert to neighbors or doctors in the case of an emergency.