Senior alert system can help caregivers with careers


October 12, 2010

An adult daycare center in St Louis, Missouri, is providing many caretakers with an invaluable resource – a place where seniors can stay and interact with others throughout the day, according to

Director Deborah Ellis told the news provider that both the elderly parent or spouse, as well as the caretaker, experience the benefits of the program.

The most important part to the Adult Day Center at the Jewish Community Center is to keep seniors entertained and social. Some of the activities are even intergenerational, as children come to the center and team up with older adults to work on art projects, music or other crafts. Seniors are happier as a result and caretakers can focus on other parts of their life during the day.

"For some families [it's] a Godsend for them to be able to drop their parent or their spouse off and go to work and know they're not going to have to worry about them during the day," Ellis informed the news source.

However, some may be unable to afford the services of a day care center. Instead, overwhelmed caretakers may want to consider installing a senior alert system in a residence. This device can act as a medical alarm, as it allows seniors to immediately contact loved ones or doctors in the case of an emergency.

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