Senate passes bill to help care for Alzheimer’s patients

Kevin Magna

December 10, 2010

On Wednesday, December 8, the Senate passed a bill that would help form The National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA), which is an initiative that will ensure that the country is prepared for dealing with the condition in the coming years.

"The threat that Alzheimer's disease poses to the health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens demands an aggressive and well-coordinated response," said Democratic Senator Evan Bayh. "Our bill creates the first-ever national plan to combat Alzheimer's and ensures that every dollar spent on the disease will be used to get the best possible care for patients."

The NAPA has a comprehensive agenda that includes launching a federal campaign that will strive to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. It will also work to create an Advisory Council that helps organize research, care and services for the illness.

The Alzheimer's Association estimates that 5.3 million Americans are currently suffering from the condition, with millions more expected to suffer from the disease in the coming years.

Families should ensure that loved ones with Alzheimer's are as safe as possible while aging at home. Installing an elderly alert system can guarantee that older adults have a way to send a medical alert to caregivers or doctors if they require assistance.

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