Sandwich Generation honored and celebrated throughout July

Alan Wu

July 1, 2011

Many people are the primary caregivers for their elderly parents. The Southtown Sun Times reports that caregivers spend an average of 40 hours per week helping their loved ones, which can be emotionally and physically straining, especially if an individual has a job as well.

People who assist their elderly relatives can spend a little less time worrying when they are alone if they have personal emergency response systems. Medical alert systems can provide assistance should anything happen to them while their caregiver is not available. The news source suggests that people should take time for themselves to reduce the feelings of stress that may accompany caring for a loved one.

The "Sandwich Generation" is celebrated throughout the month of July with events across the nation that provide support for care giving family members. The awareness program was started by the Sandwich Generation Resource Group to offer resources and information to these caregivers, who are often unpaid and overworked. The Group states that one in eight people between the ages of 40 and 60 are currently raising children and caring for elderly parents.

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