San Diego’s fall prevention week to take place September 19


August 26, 2010

The North Country Times reports that the week of September 19th will be marked by San Diego’s Fall Prevention Week, which will bring awareness to the fact that 11 percent of the city’s residents are over the age of 65 and prone to injuries from falls.

A fall can lead to decreased mobility and depression or isolation. The event will attempt to educate seniors about the measures necessary for fall prevention and even offer a free personal risk assessment.

The discussions will cover general safety, balance, and vision or hearing issues. There will be demonstrations on ways that seniors can train themselves to avoid a life-threatening injury from a fall.

The news source suggests that the best way to prevent a fall is to talk to your doctor about the problem and ask about your personal risk. Exercise is also crucial, because it can improve balance and flexibility, and installing grab rails and other safety measures are also recommended.

Experts claim that seniors should always have a way to contact medical professionals in the case of a fall. By having a personal emergency response system in their home, older adults can instantly connect to neighbors, friends or doctors for assistance.