Safe ways to conduct home repairs during the golden years

Safe ways to conduct home repairs during the golden years

November 30, 2010

Many baby boomers and seniors plan to live at home during their golden years, but few consider what a hassle maintenance tasks can become, particularly if they are the only ones left to do them.

Chores such as mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or cleaning the gutters can become increasingly risky for older adults. One study conducted at John Hopkins University found that the top 10 injuries in seniors were caused during lawn mowing, according to Imperial Valley News.

Cracks in sidewalks or driveways can also present falling hazards. The news source recommends filling them in and making sure that there are no surprise holes or uneven areas in the yard.

Eventually, it may be time to hire outside aid.

“Consider getting help with yard work from relatives or think about paying someone to do it… A lawn and garden company may have a program that helps older people with yard work, as well as other outdoor jobs such as gutter cleaning,” senior vice president of QBE regional insurance Charles Valinotti told the news provider.

Another tip is for seniors to install a personal emergency response system in a home. This device allows users to immediately send a medical alert to neighbors, family or doctors in the event of an injury.

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