Retirement boot camps help retirees with post-work lives


September 17, 2010

The New York Times reports that the University of North Carolina, Asheville, hosts two workshops every year at the Center for Creative Retirement, where retirees who may have felt like they lost momentum after their working lives can discover new passions.

The workshops are run by volunteers who have recently retired themselves, and are some of a very small number of retirement retreats across the country. The topics covered by these programs span a wide range of topics, including loss of identity, when to retire, how to balance work and leisure, and relationships with friends and family.

These retreats are a unique opportunity for retirees to engage difficult topics or take a break and assess their future with around 30 other participants.

“In our workshops, we try to encourage participants to be a little selfish in identifying their deeper needs, regardless of what their partner thinks,” Ronald J. Manheimer, the creator of the program, told the news source.

Some baby boomers who are planning to retire may also be taking care of an older parent. Installing an elderly alert system in a senior’s home is one way to make it easy for a parent to contact you in case there is an emergency. And don’t forget the numerous senior citizen discounts widely available in daily life.

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