Researchers offer comprehensive risk assessment for rheumatoid arthritis

Bryan Aldrige

January 7, 2011

Arthritis is a common disease among older adults, but little is known about how much it affects the overall American population. A team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic recently analyzed data from the Rochester Epidemology Project in order to find out the details of this disease, reports.

"Prevalence and incidence rates existed, but prevalence figures underestimate individual risk and incidence rates express only a yearly estimate," researcher Cynthia Crowson said, according to the news source.

They found that arthritis, which comes in several different forms, will be especially prevalent in the coming years. One woman in every 12 and one man in every 20 will suffer from the condition.

The adult lifetime risk of developing arthritis is 8.4 percent for woman and 5.1 percent for men. The researchers hope that this new data will prompt Americans to seek guidance, therapy and treatment for the disease.

Arthritis is also a main risk factor in falling, because it can cause stiff joints that result in a lack of mobility, according to

Those who do have the condition may want to consider installing a personal emergency response system in a home. This device can be used to send a medical alert to doctors if they require assistance.