Researchers experiment with medical alert systems

Jasmine Phu

June 9, 2011

Technology has brought us a lot of things. The internet, better cars, cellphones and digital cameras, just to name a few, but there has been a surprising lack of innovation when it comes to helping seniors age at home. 

That's all changing now as the 78 million members of the baby boomer generation get ready for their retirement years and look to technological advances to help keep them safe. One product that is already on the market is a medical alert system, which enables users to immediately sound a medical alarm if they suffer an unexpected injury at home.

In Seattle, researchers are also studying the way that sensors can help older adults stay safe, according to The main goal of the initiative is to learn how technology can be applied to safe and independent aging.

"It's a tragedy when a crisis comes up that families didn’t plan for or anticipate," Lee Burnside, the medical director of retirement home Horizon House, told the news provider. "It's very difficult for everyone, and our hope is that the stress can somehow be eased a bit. This kind of situation touches everyone."

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