Report: Older adults often leave hospital without prescriptions


August 24, 2011

A recent report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that many older adults who come into a hospital and receive medications often are not given the same prescription when they are discharged. This often leads to seniors returning to the hospital again in the near future, according to Reuters.

"These are people that have been identified to have a disease and have been appropriately treated with evidence-based treatment for the disease," researcher Dr. Chaim Bell told the news source. "So there are success stories. After hospitalizations they are no longe ron these medications, and that's a shame."

The Canada-based researchers analyzed almost 400,000 medical records of seniors in the Ontario region. They found that around 19 percent of seniors who received blood thinners such as aspirin in the hospital left the medical facility without a prescription.

Older adults who want to avoid trips to the hospital may want to install a medical alert system in their home. Additionally, they should be sure to talk to a physician about the potential side effects of any medication they are taking, according to Healthday News.

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