Remote care technology seeing rise in popularity

Jasmine Phu

August 24, 2010

As more baby boomers are taking care of aging parents, they are increasingly turning to technology that can help them assist seniors remotely, according to NPR.

These services include cameras, sensors, e-mails and online video communication. Telecaregivers are also becoming popular, because they can keep track of the technology’s readings while the adult children are at work or doing errands.

One family has set up a live video feed at the dinner table, so their telecaregiver can chat with them while they eat. She has become an integral part of the family, both a friend and a caregiver, despite the fact that she monitors the Georgia seniors from a facility in Indiana.

The seniors in this particular house, Edward and Lavinia Fitzgerald, both face some medical issues – Edward’s health is failing and Lavinia suffered brain damage from a stroke – but they can peacefully live in their homes as they age due to the monitoring.

While many remote monitoring technologies are still too expensive for most individuals, installing an elderly alert system around the home can guarantee that seniors can age safely and independently. This device makes it possible to immediately contact neighbors, loved ones and medical professionals when necessary.