Redesigning a home to prevent falls

Lisa Wurth

August 20, 2010

For senior citizens who are aging in their own homes, falling can present a serious medical risk. Luckily, with enough caution and planning, it is possible to make sure that a household is safe and there are relatively few hazards that could trigger an incident.

According to The Times Herald-Record, there are a number of steps that a senior who is living independently should take when rearranginging a house.

Rugs should be kept secure with tacks or slip-resistant backings or they should be removed completely and grab rails should be installed on both sides of the stairway.

The news source also claims that, in the bedroom, it’s important to replace loose, satin sheets with wool or cotton.

Unfortunately, pets can also present an obstacle. More than 86,000 injuries from falls occur because people trip on resting animals. Keep a dog or cat in sight or in a designated area and make sure that their toys are kept off the floor.

Medical alert systems can also be a valuable addition when a senior is fall-proofing a home. These devices enable you to immediately notify nearby neighbors, family or doctors if a fall occurs. This can keep seniors safe as they age in their homes.

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