Recent home invasion leaves elderly man shaken

Jasmine Phu

January 11, 2012

Recent home invasion leaves elderly man shakenA recent home invasion has left an elderly disabled man and neighbors shaken, WSAZ News Channel 3 reports. Wheelchair-bound John Bragg, 81, had been getting ready for bed around 9 p.m. when he heard a loud noise coming from outside his home.

"All at once, I hear a big racket," Bragg told the news outlet. "He took his foot, and the great big strong fellow kicked the door open. I thought the house had fell in."

After a few moments the intruder was in his home, and dragged him out of his chair, leaving him unable to move, on the floor.

The robber demanded $15,000, though Bragg had less than $1,000 to give him. After the suspect realized Bragg didn't have any more money, he told him if he called the police he would come back, and then fled the scene.

Bragg was trapped on the floor for more than 45 minutes before he was able to move to the closest telephone. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was found to be fine, though his emotional state is shaken.

Police are working diligently to find the person responsible for the crimes.

Robberies can occur at any time and seniors may be more susceptible as they have less ability to fight back. Elderly people living alone may want to install a medical alert system in their homes as these wearable devices alert emergency personnel with just a push of a button.