Puzzles, staying social can help keep a senior’s mind sharp


December 8, 2010

On a recent episode of the Early Show, Dr. Alan Mazurek appeared to discuss ways that older adults could stay sharp during their golden years. He suggested that keeping one part of the brain focused and active can help stimulate other parts, too, according to CBS News.

While he did admit that puzzles such as crosswords could prove to be beneficial for cognitive processes, he explained that social interaction was a key to mental health.

"In general, puzzles are great, but human interaction is much more helpful. Get out of the house and interact with people at the library, the store," he told the news provider.

Mazurek added that the brain can continue to grow new connections during old age, but it will only do so according to the actions that one takes.

Experts suggest that continually exercising the brain may reduce the chances of memory loss, which can make everyday life frustrating for many older adults.

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