Purchase the gift of safety for your loved one

Alan Wu

February 28, 2012

Purchase the gift of safety for your loved oneFinding a gift for your aging parents can be a struggle as by the the time they reach their golden years, many people have everything they need, from cars and homes to jewelry or home theater systems. This can leave adult children in a predicament as most want to give back to the people in their lives that have always done so much to make sure they succeed.

A thoughtful and beneficial present that some might want to consider is getting their parents a Medical Alert System such as those from Bay Alarm Medical, which can easily be installed in their homes. Bay Alarm Medical has been in the business for more than 62 years and currently provides security monitoring to over 100,000 people. This gift can be especially useful for elderly parents living alone and for those who want to age in place.

Medical Alert Systems are not only useful but they can provide peace of mind as elderly loved ones will always be able to get the help they need in any situation, even if you’re not around. The best part about the systems is that they are easy to install and come with an option of a bracelet or a necklace that loved ones can wear.

There are two ways to get started, either by calling the service hotline or visiting www.bayalarmmedical.com. With both outlets, you are able to learn about the options available and the cost of the system as a whole. Once the purchase is made, the product is shipped typically within one day, with the system being delivered to a loved one’s home within four or five business days on average.

All that’s left to do then is to plug in the base system using an electrical outlet and a phone jack and calling the hotline to run a test. Then, your parents will have access to help 24/7, 365, and they’ll have you to thank. Another beneficial feature is that if your relatives push the button to call for help, both emergency personnel and you or another family member can be contacted so you’re always aware of what’s going on. Knowing this might allow you to get back to focusing on your career and own family, without constantly stressing about how your parents are doing, while it might also provide your aging relatives with the confidence to exercise, go for walks or enjoy other aspects of lives that they may have been avoiding due to fear of falling.

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