Property tax rebates may help seniors in a crunch


October 18, 2011

There are plenty of ways for seniors to improve their sleeping habits!Seniors who are living on their own need to get by on their social security, their pensions and savings accounts, which may not be enough with the current state of the economy. For some residents of Hendersonville, Tennessee, this notion is all too true. However, through a new program, many are getting some money back from their property tax, the Tennessean reports.

For 71-year-old Dorothy Picarella, social security hasn't stretched like it used to, so the state property tax relief program has really helped her out.

"Being a widow on a very fixed income, to get that back it helps me tremendously," Picarella told the publication. "I would tell anyone who is even thinking that perhaps they would get a rebate, to take their paperwork and go to the [county administration building]. I was very happy with the outcome."

Through the program Picarella was able to get $126 back from the state and since her county matches the amount, she was actually given a rebate check for $252.

To qualify for the state tax relief program, a person must have an annual household income of $26,830 or less and must be approved by the town's trustee's office.

When a person is out of work, any monetary help can go a long way. With the rebate seniors can pay bills, purchase medicines or install a medical alert system as added protection should they fall while alone.

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