Program helps seniors when they fall

Alan Wu

January 18, 2011

Last fall, Edna Price's husband went out for groceries as he normally would during the week. Price was alone in her bedroom when she suddenly slipped and fell onto the floor, according to The Chillicothe Gazette. She couldn't get up and had to wait for two hours before her husband finally returned and called the fire department.

"Once I'm down, I can't get back up because I had two knees, two hips and one hand's joints replaced from arthritis," Price told the news provider.

In Chillicothe, the fire department recently began offering social services to older adults who may need assistance through a program known as FAST (Fire and Seniors Together).

Fire department worker Jami McClure explained to the news source that seniors may only need a walker to avoid another fall, or it could be more complicated. Either way, she checks the smoke detectors for home safety and also recommends that older adults get a medical alert button.

These devices can be used by seniors to immediately send a personal emergency response message to doctors or responders if a health problem has occurred. These buttons are ideal for those who are looking to age safely and independently in their homes.