Program aims at giving seniors access to fresh produce

Jasmine Phu

September 22, 2011

Program aims at giving seniors access to fresh produceA new program offered to seniors through Appalachian State University’s Be Active-Appalachian partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield hopes to encourage seniors to eat better and exercise more, University News of Appalachian State University reports.

Eat better, Move more and Age well (EMMA) hopes to give seniors' better access to local, fresh produce and new ways of exercising to help them age better and remain independent.

EMMA kicks off on September 28 with a walk-a-thon in the Lois E. Harrill Senior Center, the news outlet reports.

As the program continues, seniors will be able to help build and take care of a raised-bed garden at the senior center, and they'll then be able to eat the healthy fruits and vegetables of their labor. Through EMMA, seniors will take field trips to local farms, farmers markets and grocery stores as well as learn about the importance of nutrition from area experts.

Regardless of how physically fit an elder parent is, there is always a risk of falling when living alone. To feel better about a loved one aging in place, caregivers may want to install a senior alert system. The device gives elders the freedom to live alone, but the security of having help instantly, should they need it.