Prevention is key to warding off senior falls

Kevin Magna

December 22, 2011

Prevention is key to warding off senior fallsHelping seniors stay safe while aging in place is crucial to allowing them to keep their independence by living in their own homes. Falls have become increasingly prevalent among the elderly population, landing many in hospitals or getting injured too badly to care for themselves any longer. According to Dr. Mazhar Jakhro, the key to keeping seniors safe is through prevention, South Coast Today reports.

During the holidays, family members should try to stop by mom and dad's house to take inventory and see what can be removed or replaced to make their living situation safer.

Jakhro suggests starting with the floors in the entire house. There should be no throw rugs or objects on the ground, as these can be very dangerous and can cause falls. Stairs in the home can also cause injury, so loved ones should make sure they have ample railings or guides to get down. If there are rails, make sure they are stable, as a wobbly rail can be just as dangerous as not having one at all.

Relatives should make sure to install grip bars in the bathroom and consider getting a loved one a step stool with a bar to hold onto in the kitchen. This way a senior can get to the higher shelves safely.

Even if extra precautions are taken, falls can still occur. Because of this, relatives may also want to install a senior alert system in a parent's home, as these wearable devices provide peace of mind, knowing a loved one can call for help in any situation.