Prevent falls this holiday season with a senior alert system

Jasmine Phu

November 17, 2010

Many families will gather at one house to celebrate the holidays. If there are older adults who may be in attendance, it can be important to prepare a room so that there is no risk of them falling.

Holidays can present unique obstacles, particularly because seniors can be unfamiliar with a home's layout. The Weekly recently shared a checklist for those who are making a home safer for seniors for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

First of all, make sure that welcome mats have adhesive backing so that they don't move when guests step on them. Also, use non-skid mats in bathrooms so that seniors have less of a chance of falling.

Cords from Christmas trees or other holiday decorations can also be hazards. Try taping them to the floor so no one can trip. Likewise, ensure that all carpets are secure on the floor. Install nightlights in any room that a senior may use during the evening.

It may also be wise for families to invest in a senior alert system. This device can be used as a medical alarm for older adults who have fallen and require assistance from family or neighbors.