President Obama turns 50, talks about federal senior aide

Jasmine Phu

July 28, 2011

The Baby Boomer generation is gradually starting to enter the retirement age, and the tail end of this group are in their 40s – including the president of the U.S. President Barack Obama will celebrate his 50th birthday on August 4, and AARP got the chance to speak with him about getting older. The President says that he is happy to have his health, but is beginning to notice that he doesn't heal as quickly as he used to.

Deteriorating health is a natural part of growing old, but it can limit mobility and increase the risk of injury. A senior medical alert can be used to protect an older individual if an accident occurs.

AARP also got a chance to ask Obama for his thoughts on the healthcare system and federal programs.

"Seniors have paid into Social Security; they've paid into Medicare…and the notion that somehow they are asking for something that they don't deserve makes no sense to me," Obama told AARP about people who criticize older adults for wanting their benefits. "I also think that older Americans don't want to leave huge debts to their kids and grandkids in the form of massive deficits. That's why it's been important to reform the healthcare system, which is different from simply lopping off benefits under Medicare."

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