Presentation covers new caregiving technology for families


February 28, 2011

Many baby boomers are taking care of older adults, and as the generation ages, they may need some assistance themselves. That is the impetus for the upcoming "Emerging Technology for Boomers and Their Parents" presentation in Louisiana, according to The Shreveport Times.

The devices and platforms discussed at the talk will range from the online video chat software Skype to the iPad to aids for hearing and vision. The demonstrators will offer hands-on exhibits that teach older adults how they can use this technology to stay in touch with distant family members while aging in place.

Another innovative product for boomers and their parents is the personal emergency response system. This device can be installed in a senior's residence and used to instantly send a medical alert to doctors if one needs assistance.

All of these items can help older adults who are looking to age safely and independently.

"Remote caregiving is where family members can stay connected with their family members in a remote way," Jeff Crane, a partner with co-sponsor of the presentation CRUISE Online, told the news provider. "The feeling is that there won't be enough facilities around to house everybody that needs to be in a facility so this how we can help individuals to age in place and stay in their own homes."