Prep your home for senior guests

Bryan Aldrige

December 1, 2011

Prep your home for senior guestsThe holidays can be a great time to get everyone in the family together in order to share a meal, laughs and so much more. For those who will have seniors in their homes this season, certain steps and precautions should be made prior to their arrival to ensure they stay safe and fall free, reports.

According to the site, the first thing to do is to clear any bulky rugs from rooms that may be used for entertaining. Area rugs that don't lay properly can be a real tripping hazard for a senior and should be removed.

If children are going to be present during the family gatherings, it's vital to try and keep the amount of toys they take out to a minimum as cars, action figures and balls can be a minefield for seniors who are trying to get around. Another way to keep toys and seniors apart is to block off a specific area for the kids to play in, this way they can enjoy the day and relatives won't need to worry about a potential fall.

Although family members can do their best to prevent falls in their homes, seniors who live alone may need added security. This holiday season, relatives may want to consider installing a medical alert system into a loved ones home as this wearable device allows them to call for help in an instant.