Prep your home for an Alzheimer’s sufferer

Bryan Aldrige

November 22, 2011

Shingles vaccine cuts odds of seniors getting the virus in halfWhen a loved one with Alzheimer's disease moves into their caregiver's home, it can create a unique set of challenges, as certain trouble areas in the home will need to be addressed to keep them safe. According to the Mayo Clinic, caregivers need to evaluate the safety of their entire house before a dementia sufferer moves in.

The source reports that the Alzheimer's patient's abilities need to be considered first. Can she get up and down the stairs without trouble? Does she wander during the night? Has she fallen before? Understanding these questions can prepare a caregiver for what they'll need to change in their home to keep a loved one safe.

From here, the clinic recommends locking up breakable or dangerous supplies by using childproof latches on cabinets or drawers that contain medicine, cleaning products and sharp objects. Removing clutter and marking glass doors and windows can help ensure a senior doesn't injure themselves while walking around.

To make sure emergency personnel are only a call away in case of an accident, caregivers may want to install a senior alert system into their homes that the sufferer can also wear. This way if they fall or become disoriented while home alone, they are able to call for assistance.