Possible job ideas for boomers considering encore careers

Alan Wu

August 20, 2010

The United States is experiencing an unprecedented trend in baby boomers who are considering putting off retirement plans to continue working. Much of this change has been a consequence of the Great Recession, which has left countless boomers without sources of income in the crucial years before retirement.

GreenJobsReady.com recently wrote about the different career opportunities for boomers who are committed to going back into the workforce, but may be unsure of where to start.

Independent consulting can be one such occupation, since it relies heavily on experience and knowledge. Jobs which target the environment may be particularly well-suited to interested individuals, because much of these rely on fundraising and community outreach.

The news source also suggests that boomers who have experience in education, counseling or management may be interested in training opportunities – promoting awareness and organizational skills can be valuable to employers who are pursuing green solutions.

Aging in place is one way to save money in a troubled economy, no matter what career you end up pursuing. Preparing a home for your golden years can drastically reduce the risk of a medical emergency, such as a fall. For this reason, having a personal emergency system is an affordable and effective way to ensure that older adults are safe as they age in their homes.

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