Pharmacist can act as health resource for patients

Alan Wu

May 18, 2011

The American Pharmacists Association recently stated that there are ways that older adults should continually stay on top of their medications to remain healthy and safe. Try to maintain a regular dialogue with pharmacists who prescribe the pills. They are able to provide answers and suggestions about the doses.

Some seniors may also want to consider installing a medical alert system to better keep track of all their different meds. This device can be programmed to dispense pills at certain times of day, so that older adults no longer have to worry about remembering a complicated medication schedule. Additionally, the system will sound a medical alarm if the drugs aren't taken on time.

Pharmacists can help recommend what product may be best for one's personal needs, touching on the differences of brand and generic medicine, and they can illuminate the important instructions on each label.

If patients are having trouble taking the pills or experiencing some unexpected side effects, they can also discuss the issues with a medical professional. Many pharmacists are also willing to administer basic screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and osteoporosis.  

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