Part 2: Bay Alarm Medical is Moving!

Alan Wu

September 21, 2012


A lot of progress has been made since Part 1 of our renovation blog posting. After the initial demolition and tear down, we’re now able to somewhat envision the final product. You’ll notice in the next set of before and after images; new drywall, fresh paint, window frames, and trim pieces in the ceilings for recessed lighting.

Here’s a before & after of what you see when you walk through the front door.



Here’s a look at the old/new kitchen and front entrance area. Bay Alarm Medical employees love their coffee and this will no doubt, be a very high-traffic area!



Here’s a shot of the hallway and back entrance. This area will eventually be filled with desks and cubicles so we’ll have to enjoy the open floor space while we can =).


It’s super cool to see a project take shape from beginning to end. Our contractors are great and working very fast. We’ll have another update for you guys next week. Til’ then, cheers!

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