Organize medications with a medical alarm system

Lisa Wurth

May 11, 2011

One survey of caregivers found that 48 percent of the participants had a parent who was affected by three or more chronic conditions, many of which require complex medications that can often be difficult for seniors to manage alone. 

The problem is when prescriptions become hard to follow, because drug side effects and adverse reactions can become a danger for older adults, especially if they are living alone.

"Adverse drug reactions are very common and not always recognized by patient or physician as side effects of a drug," said expert Thomas Clark. "Many symptoms may be considered drug side effects unless proven otherwise."

Drugs can often have negative interactions that cause health consequences as well. This makes it important to find a safe way to better manage medications. One way to do this may be to use a medical alarm system, because this device can be programmed so that it sends medical alerts every time it's time to take a dose.

This could help prevent some of the most common drug problems involving medications, which include overdosage, improper drug selection, a lack of dosage or drug reactions and interactions.