Online visits with the doctor becoming more popular

Alan Wu

August 11, 2010 recently reported that more and more individuals are turning to the internet the internet for medical advice, especially for those who can’t easily leave their homes or drive to the hospital.

A host of new web services are becoming popular with doctors and patients alike. One service, RelayHealth, may help patients cure over 150 conditions online, some of which include back pain, allergies, arthritis, disabilities or discomfort from a recent operation.

RelayHealth features an interactive interview that will outline the patient’s medical issue and forward it to the doctor, who will respond within 24 hours, according to the news source. The services also allow individuals to schedule doctor appointments and get results from recent health tests.

“This is a whole new care model,” MaryAnn Stump, chief innovation officer at the Minnesota Blues, told the news provider. She claimed that 93 percent of the patients who had tried this new system of healthcare have reported being “very satisfied.”

There have been significant advancements in technological platforms that allow seniors to age in place and avoid extended hospital visits. One way to make sure you are safe in the case of a serious medical emergency is to invest in a senior

alert system, which guarantees that it is possible to notify doctors or family of the situation immediately.

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