One man’s secret: Stay active for 98 years


May 17, 2011

While he isn't a centenarian yet, there's little doubt that 98-year-old Herbert Bird will continue on through the triple digits and doing what he loves doing best – playing music, according to The Daily Record News.

"I play a full 30 minutes or more before we have tea," Bird told the publication. "I work at memorizing the music, and I play by ear. It keeps my mind sharp and clear." Oftentimes, he plays with no sheet music, because he has committed so many melodies to memory.

Since 1978, Bird has been retired. He taught music and violin for 31 years at Central Washington University and now he's a professor emeritus. He said that he's never really thought about reaching 98 years, but that he just "kept doing things and kept going."

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