Older adults using internet to stay connected to loved ones

Bay Alarm Medical

August 6, 2010

The Christian Science Monitor reports that more baby boomers and seniors are going online than ever before. Facebook is proving to be particularly popular – recent statistics have shown that users aged 55 and over are the fastest growing demographic on the popular social networking site.

Most seniors are using these services to stay connected to distant family and friends while they age in their homes. Cellphones and Facebook can now instantaneously showcase pictures of weddings or grandchildren.

The internet has also made seniors feel more involved while living on their own. One octogenarian, Barbara Rafuse, told the news source that it has been a way for her to keep up with the outside world and her family.

Technology has been a method for older adults to continue living independently but still feel connected to loved ones. Instant communication is not only beneficial for staying in touch with family, it can also be important for safety.

When seniors are living alone, they may want to consider having a medical alert system in place so that they can immediately contact family members, neighbors or medical professionals in case of an emergency.

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