Older adults are in particular danger during flu season

Lisa Wurth

September 29, 2011

Five ways to prevent complications from type 2 diabetesWhile everyone is at risk of contracting flu during the colder months, older adults over the age of 65 are much more likely to suffer complications from the disease, which is why they are strongly urged to get vaccinated.

Some health organizations are going above and beyond to reach out to seniors concerning this issue. In Florida, a new program, titled Influenza Immunization for You, has been launched that encourages older adults to talk to their health care providers about flu vaccinations.

"The new initiative is specially timed to occur throughout September – the time when many older adults often visit their health care providers to receive their annual influenza vaccinations," said Dr. Justin Menezes of the Orlando Family Medicines, part of the Florida Hospital Medical Group. "We want residents 65 years of age and older to know there is a flu shot made just for them, in addition to the standard influenza vaccine."

Influenza is just one threat to senior health that occurs during the winter. Ice and snow make falls more common, which is why many older adults may want to consider having an elderly alert system installed in their home.

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